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DNA Test  from Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc

The GENETICA DNA Test™ Difference
For more than two decades, Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc. has been providing individuals around the world with the GENETICA DNA Test™, the most extensive and reliable DNA test   delivered with strict confidentiality and comprehensive, professional aftercare. GENETICA DNA Test™ symbol is the mark of excellence in DNA testing – excellence in the type of DNA test you receive and in the type of comprehensive service you experience.
Genetica® DNA Laboratories, Inc. is among the world’s first commercial providers of paternity DNA tests. We are one of the largest providers of paternity DNA tests, immigration DNA tests, adoption DNA tests, family relationship DNA tests, and identity DNA tests to the general public as well as to healthcare, legal professionals and embassies throughout the United States and worldwide. Our corporate office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, allowing Genetica to provide premium DNA testing service; including specimen collection to our neighbors in the greater Cincinnati, Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana areas.
Fast Turnaround Time
Our experienced laboratory professionals have developed automated and streamlined laboratory DNA test processes that allow us to provide you with quick DNA test turnaround time.  After we receive the samples in the laboratory, the paternity results of the GENETICA DNA Test™ are typically available within 2 - 5 working days. 
DNA Paternity Test
A Paternity DNA Test provides scientific determination whether a man can be the child's biological father. You may select a   Legal DNA Paternity Test  that produces Court ready and legally defensible DNA test results; or, you may select an     At Home DNA Paternity Test  - where the DNA test results are obtained for personal knowledge .
Immigration DNA Test
US. Embassies, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and immigration organizations around the world require that a DNA test for the purpose of immigration be performed by laboratories that are accredited by the AABB. Genetica DNA Laboratories is a worldwide provider of AABB accredited immigration DNA tests. For many years, Genetica DNA Laboratories has worked with embassies throughout the world to provide DNA tests to individuals who need to establish their biological relationship to a United States resident or citizen for immigration purposes .
DNA Testing Services for Residents of the State of New York
New York State regulations mandate that DNA test performed for residents in the State of New York be conducted exclusively by DNA testing laboratories accredited for DNA testing by the New York State Department of Health ( NYSDOH ). Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc. has been accredited for paternity DNA tests by the New York State Department of Health ( NYSDOH ) for over 10 years.
Adoption DNA Test
The professional staff at Genetica DNA Laboratories has many years of experience in working with adoption attorneys, adoption organizations, government organizations, and private individuals involved in adoptions. We conduct all aspects of the DNA test and release DNA test results in accordance with strict confidentiality guidelines. Our staff has years of experience in confidential information administration in cases of adoption .
Family Relationship DNA Test
Genetica DNA Laboratories is a full service Family Relationship DNA Testing laboratory performing a multitude of genetic family relationship determination tests. In cases where the alleged father is deceased or unknown, the paternal grandparents can be tested to determine the likelihood they are the child's true paternal grandparents, the   Grandparentage DNA Test.   In the   Sibling DNA Test,   two children are tested to determine whether they share the same biological parent or parents. The GENETICA DNA Test™ can also determine whether twins are fraternal twins or identical twins, the   Zygosity DNA Test.   In cases where a family member is deceased or missing, a reconstruction DNA test may be performed in order to identify the decedent and/or to determine the person's biological relationship to known family members. See  Family Reconstruction DNA Test
Identity DNA Test - GenCodex
GenCodex, an individual Identity DNA test print, is a permanent means of individual identification. GenCodex is fully compatible with the nationally recognized DNA identity standards created by the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System .
Cell Line Authentication Test
Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc. provides reliable, fast, and affordable human cell line authentication services, using STR DNA typing to assist the scientific community in verification of cell lines used in research and drug development. Inadvertent cell line contamination has been a major problem for biomedical researchers, while cell line integrity is of utmost importance since the validity of the data obtained often depends on the identity of the cell line. Funding bodies and many journals require proof of cell line authentication. STR profiling (DNA fingerprinting) analysis offers the greatest value for cell line validation. See  Cell Line Authentication Test
Native American DNA Test
A Native American DNA Test is performed to determine if documented tribal members are biologically related to individuals seeking enrollment memberships in various tribes.
Professional Partners
Genetica DNA Laboratories forms alliances with professionals throughout the United States and worldwide. The Program includes health case and legal professionals, marriage and family counselors, specimen collection professionals, private investigators, adoption agencies, and other affiliated businesses. Learn more about our Professional Partners Program. We partner worldwide with businesses who want to provide DNA testing services, and/or DNA specimen collections to the community in their country. See  International Partners
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